4 Different And Unique Ways To Wear Bangles And Look Stylish

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Stylish Bangles are a wonderful accessory besides necklaces and earrings. Bangles can make you look cool instantly. A bangle if teamed up correctly with an outfit would give you the perfect chic look. These can be worn occasionally or even in school, college and your day-to-day life. Bangles come in a variety of shapes, colors and materials. Anyone who is a jewelry lover cannot miss wearing a bangle. Bangles have always been in tradition from ancient times. With time, a lot has changed in terms of bangle designs, colors and materials used. Heavy bangles of gold, silver and other metals were worn as part of many cultures. Nowadays, younger women prefer wearing light and delicate bangles of steel and other metals. Bangles with beautiful studs and embellishments are also in high demand these days. These are very trendy and one can easily buy designer artificial jewelry for women. Here we present you some of the best and unique ways to wear a bangle –

Mix & Match of Colors

Bangles are available in a variety of colors. One can also blend different shades of the same color. A rainbow color combination would make your hand appear beautiful. Bangles can easily be mixed up and worn with traditional outfits like Kurtis, Salwars or Anarkalis. Five or six bangles of bright colors would give you a stunning look.

Experiment with patterns

fashion jewellery online shopping | stylish bangles online

Stylish Bangles are mostly round or oval-shaped. But these days, bangles of various patterns and shapes are easily available via online women’s jewelry shopping sites. These are delicate and defined in design. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. You would get the best results each time you experiment with the shapes. Try mixing circular, triangular, square and wavy bangles altogether to get that trendy yet unique look. These bangles are a top choice mostly among young girls and best go with western outfits.

Wear different sizes

Many women prefer wearing chunky or large-size bangles. However, it isn’t compulsory to wear them single. Stylish Bangles of small and medium sizes would be perfect for mix and match. Make sure to place the thinner bangles between the medium or large ones to bring out that perfect layered look. Even different colors and metals of varying sizes can be experimented with to create a contemporary stylish look!

Style with dual function

A bangle can easily be paired up with a watch. A lot of layered style is available in the market from leather chain bracelets to other Bohemian style jewelry. These can be worn along with watch to flaunt that funky look. These are more popular among teenagers, giving a unique and unmatched look.


Bangles are a popular choice for those who adore jewelry and must-have items in your jewelry box. Any new combination of bangles can set a new style every day. So, one can always flaunt their own style statement by wearing bangles in different ways!


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